Saturday, January 15, 2011


I listened to Radio 4's Book at Bedtime: Snowdrops by AD Miller.  It's a very bleak novel.  I've read reviews that compare the book to Chandler's crime novels, but actually Chandler was a lot more positive about human nature.   Chandler's hero is endowed with the values of a British public school, Miller's only has the opportunist amoral greed of the Thatcher/Blair generation.

According to Miller, snowdrops is the word Muscovites use for the bodies found under the snow after the spring melt. That happens here in Edmonton too, bodies under the snow, murdered prostitutes and homeless people who didn't make it to a shelter, usually.

Moscow has a warmer climate than Edmonton, by a couple of degrees Celsius.  Our fourth winter here seems colder than the previous three, even though there haven't been any record breaking lows so far.  I think the temperature has been below -10°C for most of the last two months.  It's been in the minus twenties for a lot of the time. Today it is -24°C.

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