Saturday, December 18, 2010


The let's- humiliate-the-unemployed movement comes to Britain.  This is how we can combine the iniquity of truck payments with all the stupidity of the Speenhamland system.  Lets remove all dignity from people on benefits, so that a few (usually religiously motivated) do-gooders can feel good and go to heaven.  Foodbanks. 

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Anonymous said...

Having read the BBC news item I note that this scheme has been in operation for some time, with vouchers distriubted by doctors, CAB etc and did include JobCemtre Plus offices. I quote as follows

"However, in December 2008 the then-Labour government issued a directive stopping JCPs from referring clients in crisis to a foodbank.

When the charity challenged the government over this decision, it initially responded that, among other reasons, all those entitled to benefits received them on the day if they were in crisis and that delay was not an issue.

But the trust says it is "simply not true that all those entitled to benefits receive them on the day".

On behalf of the trust, MP Andrew Selous asked a series of parliamentary questions in 2009 and 2010 about benefit delay.

The eventual response given in January 2010 stated that 37,046 people waited 17 days or more for their jobseeker's allowance, of which 20,068 waited 22 days or more."

So blame Labour for failing to ensure people got their benefits on time