Sunday, December 19, 2010

2010 things I didn't blog on at the time 2: Train Journeys.

In May Ian and I went from London to Prague, by the Eurostar to Brussels, the high-speed Thalys to Cologne and then after an excellent dinner in a Cologne beer-house we got the sleeper to Prague. Early in the morning the Cologne-- Prague train goes through the very beautiful Elbe and Vltava valleys.  Here's a taste of the scenery:

Later in the month, I returned to London from Vienna, taking the sleeper from Vienna to Cologne.  That train travels through the even more scenic and romantic Rhine valley. I arrived in Cologne with time for breakfast at the station cafe on the square in front of the magnificent Cologne Cathedral, before traveling on to Brussels.

As usual I'd booked the cheapest tickets I could, following the excellent advice of the Man in Seat 61. I highly recommend both train journeys.  They were the best part of my holiday, and very good value.

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