Friday, October 22, 2010

Appeal for middle-class families.

I've spent an enjoyable morning going through the Two Ronnies clips on YouTube trying to find their charity appeal for middle-class families sketch. I can't find it, which is a pity because it would be a wonderful response to the surgeon's wife (economising by growing her own courgettes), the IT consultant interviewed on Radio 4 (deserves child benefit for putting the children to bed) , and all the other rich women who've been pleading poverty because they are losing their child benefit.

As I remember it, Ron and Ron made an appeal for donations for "middle class families who haven't got quite enough", the sketch ending with a solemn reminder that "this Christmas thousands of children will go without a skiing holiday."

Since I can't find the sketch, here's Ronnie Barker as the Minister of Cuts:

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