Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Pope's Visit

I'm an atheist, so I could be expected to support the Protest the Pope's campaign. Actually, I don't. I neither object to the Pope's visit, or object to public money being spent on it, and I think the protests are a little ridiculous.

Stating the bleeding obvious, there are more than a billion Roman Catholics in the world which makes the Pope a significant world leader whether we like it or not. Yes, the church's opposition to condoms is helping spread AIDS and it has dealt too slowly and very badly with sexual abuse of children by priests, but for human rights abuses I don't think that puts the Roman Catholic Church in the same league as China or Saudi Arabia, two countries whose leaders have also made state visits in the last decade.

Dialogue with the RC church makes a lot more sense to me than campaigning to have the Pope arrested, so I have no problem with the state visit.

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