Monday, September 13, 2010

Parading my ignorance

While I do not oppose the Pope's visit, the complaint by Opus Dei's spokesman that nobody knows anything about religion in the UK and we Brits know more about Paul Newman than Cardinal Newman is a provocation.

I decided to apply the 1066 and All That test -- i.e. everything I can remember about Cardinal Newman without Googling:
  • He was a Roman Catholic cardinal.
  • He was effeminate
  • He had a very good friend, never got over his death and asked that they be buried together, which makes him the Heathcliff of repressed homosexual priests.
  • I know a lot more about Paul Newman.
I'm puzzled by the beatification thing. This Pope and the last Pope seem to do a lot of beatifying. Applying the 1066 test again, I thought that to be a saint you had to be an apostle, a martyr, an angel, a demoted celtic god, or a pubertal girl trying to get attention by claiming to see visions.

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