Saturday, September 11, 2010

Green v Nerd

My inner Green who wishes to consume less and my inner Nerd fascinated by gadgets are in frequent conflict, and currently the Nerd is winning.

A while ago this was not the case. Nerd wanted to buy an all American coffee maker that actually ground the beans as well as filtering the coffee. Nerd almost won on the basis that the device was space saving, but then Green noticed the machine also had a programmable clock. Green drew the line at coffee makers that tell the time.

However Nerd learned from that experience and now realises that if she wants something she only has to say the magic words "you need this because it is energy efficient" and gullible Green will weaken.

Earlier this week our electric kettle died so today we went to the kitchen shop to replace it and came away with a Chefs Choice Smart Kettle which can be set to turn itself off at any temperature you choose up to boiling point.

It is an interesting fact about Edmonton that although the landscape is as flat as a pancake, we are in fact about a thousand feet above the comfort zone for a Swiss mountain goat. Our high altitude means that boiling point is lower here than at sea level, around 208˚F rather than 212˚F. This may have been why our old kettle packed up. It always took a while to shut itself off after the water boiled and eventually the automatic cut-off failed altogether.

Cunning Nerd used these facts today to defeat Green. Nerd argued that since the Smart Kettle can be set to cut off at 208˚F, electricity will be saved. Only when we got home did Green realise that the Smart Kettle has to be filled with a minimum of half a litre of water -- a lot more than one cup of coffee, and there is an LED display, which means the kettle has to be unplugged when not in use.

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Anonymous said...

I found that the second hand stores offer really good kettles. If you get one there, it's like adopting an already conceived child. I never go "new" shopping. It's the first sign of a hypocrite. Do you have a car? It's also a sign.