Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Grauniad Election Map and Swingometer

I'm not impressed by the Guardian's Election Map and Swingometer. I had a look at it this morning and selected the constituency where my vote is cast - Staffordshire Moorlands. It told me that it is held by the Conservatives with a majority of 1,168 when it has actually been held by Labour since 1997, Charlotte Atkins MP has a majority of 2438; the Guardian's constituency profile gets it right.


Anonymous said...

Notional Tory majority that's been quoted, perhaps? IIRC there's a boundary change in that seat, by which Kidsgrove will be transferred to Stoke North.

Anonymous said... agrees with the Grauniad. Boundary changes, notional results and all that.

Jane said...

OK. I get it now.

Jane said...

Yes, I do get it, by Jove, even though it makes my brain hurt. Well that's Charlotte gone then:)