Friday, January 8, 2010


I've arrived in Sussex from Alberta, but there is no escape. At least here I'm not the biggest wimp on the block because I won't leave the house when it is below -30 C, and I can be very contemptuous, in a North American way, of six inches of snow, and temperatures below freezing being an excuse for half the British population to skive off work.

Why is that? Yesterday the roads in this village were clear enough for careful drivers. The pavements were still treacherous, but wouldn't have been if everybody had cleared the snow from in front of their own house.

This morning we've just had a call saying that Mum's community bus is not running. This is a service for elderly and infirm folk to make sure they can do their shopping every Friday, but apparently not today when they will find it most difficult to get to the shops unaided.

There is a community spirit. I am very grateful to all our neighbours who have popped in to see that Mum in all right.

But as for the authorities, I'm sorry but this is pathetic. I'm ashamed of my country.

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