Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Hunter and Barbour effect

I arrived in Sussex without suitable footwear for snow. I'd left my Uggs and Emus in Alberta, but although ideal for dry snow they would get ruined quickly in our wetter stuff. This is wellie weather, so after a visit to Harper and Eede I'm now the owner of a pair of green Hunters to go with my old Barbour jacket. Needless to say, the effect is more Duchess of Cornwall than Peaches Geldof.

It strikes me that there could be few better auguries of a Conservative election victory than the fashion revival of Hunters and Barbours.

I see that Barbour are now doing a belted jacket which bears a remarkable resemblance to the old biker's Belstaff jacket, which is no longer produced. I wore a Belstaff for years in my twenties, it long outlasted the boyfriend with an Enfield India. It was an excellent garment without the snob associations the Barbour has acquired.

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