Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Canada's third party, the NDP is usually described for British audiences as "old Labour". Linda Duncan, the NDP MP for this riding (constituency) has written me a letter. I forgive her handwriting, because like me, she used to be a lawyer. It says:

"Dear Jane,

Thanks for your feedback. We have not suggested addressing Climate Change will not cost everyone. Our [illegible] is that major reduction can be acheived [sic] by directing stimulus money to home and business retrofits and deployment of greater renewable power and public transit.

but [sic] families and small business can only do so much. The major industrial emitters must be regulated with a tight timetable to reduce [sic]

I support any tool that our government are willing to find the potential will to implement.


Strange, I could have sworn that at the last election in 2008, the NDP weighed into the Liberal "green shift" manifesto, attacking the proposal for a carbon tax. Here's David Suzuki on the subject:

And, somebody should buy Linda Duncan a word processor with a spell-check programme.

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