Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Inheritance Tax again

Thanks to Anonymous for correctly stating that my last post was garbage (an odd Americanism for someone who knows British tax law). I moved to Canada in 2006, so in 2007 when the law changed I was busy grappling with IKEA flatpacks in Alberta. The question is what was Phil Hammond doing in 2007, since he seems to have missed the law change too?

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Anonymous said...

"an odd Americanism for someone who knows British tax law)"

I didn't think of it as an Americanism and I'm not an expert on British tax law. I merely happen to have been involved in helping to sort out the estate of the 2nd partner of a married couple where the 2nd partner died after 9 Nov 2007. Didn't need a lawyer's involvement - downloaded and completed a form from HMRC website, obtained death certificate and copy of probate for the first partner (who had died many years before) - it was quite straightforward really.